Monday, February 9, 2015

And still counting (6598-6629)

an afternoon at David's
his fatherly welcome
Anita's hugs and kisses

a night out to dinner with Lisa
cheesecake rounds for one
honest talks with her
a child's list of pros and cons

pastries at Wegman's for little hands
the hot hands warmer for a few minutes
burrito bowls
a good read on 66 Books
Ephesians 4

a desire for change
dinner reservations on a Friday night
celebrating Linda's retirement
the most amazing raspberry cake
seated sandwiched between Lanie and Erin

coffee with Kellie
how we get each other
a Saturday photo shoot in the woods
and Erin's delight to accompany

Erin's looking so grown up to me

a busy weekend turned calm
a visit from my dad and Linda (twice in the same day)
gifted crocheted blanket by my dad
coconut cream pie and apple pie delivery
my dad and Lanie knitting together

plans for next Sunday: knitting for four with tea and scones
Nora on the calendar
a playdate for Erin with her best friend

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