Monday, February 16, 2015

And still counting (6630-6652)

a week in limbo
hard conversations and transparency
freedom in truth
and how God knocked every single obstacle off the list before the day was over

a Friday date
a place that thrives

a voting day about Launcelot and Gareth in a high school class
romantic (and sometimes odd) medieval read-alouds on a Valentines week
finding time in a whirlwind to bake cookies
his smile when he realized I was tackling a day
Shane standing by as I prepare coffee saying, "Run your race!"

time to read a book that Lanie thought I might like
yeses to a study and group for moms
a gift from a dear friend in the mail
coffee pods on route
knitting with Lanie in a waiting room

the technician who was human
her hug goodbye
volleyball with friends
blankets on a couch
a day to read by the fire

a chat with Greg

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