Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snowy day

We're on a home day anyway, but it sure was nice to wake up to snow (and hopes for delays in the morning that could score us another cozy morning).

My phone chimed a reminder it's trash day.

"Do we have to take the cans up?" Lanie asked.

"No," I said. It's probably 3-4 inches and a serious workout dragging full cans to the road. Somehow, winter lengthens the walk. I already know that the postal carrier will be holding onto my coffee order until we get this driveway plowed (insert pout).

Erin suited up and sled down the hills. She looked so little. I struggle to think of Lanie at this age, when we moved here, so little. So young. I snagged a few photos of Erin.

"I love you, Mommy!" she called out at the bottom of the hill.

"I love you too!"

This afternoon she wants to patch up some holes in her stuffed animals. I'm on a fourth load of laundry. Schooling at a leisurely pace, as later this week we've got "no homework days" for field trips.

I made a pot of soup for lunch and a side of bacon. Lanie crumbled slices of bacon on a plate of rice, chicken and cheese. Erin ate a cheese sandwich. I sneaked out half a bar of chocolate from the freezer while the kids played upstairs.

There's no place like home.

Still, I find myself saying more and more often, "Only a few more weeks till March."

I miss the green of spring.

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