Monday, February 23, 2015

The trick

Facebook pretty picture and words.

"The trick is to enjoy life. Don't wish away your days waiting for better ones ahead."

I get this.

Two-hour icy delay meant, at Erin's request, that I crawl into bed next to her and cuddle her in the morning instead of waking her up for a co-op day. I'd already had two cups of coffee, awaiting the announcement. I still dozed.

Lanie was sick last week. Then Shane came down with something else (imagine this guy bundled and chilled and trying to get as much rest as possible, then to go out and plow a driveway 1/8 of a mile long, and 10 inches deep of snow). He was sick for four days. (I would have plowed the driveway if he taught me how to use it, but has held off on that lesson because he knows once I know: I will be UNSTOPPABLE. Seriously, after living here, what can't I do? Besides plow the driveway...)

Kids in jammies today. Erin out in 20 degree weather sliding down the hills, squealing and shrieking and it's music to this heart. She's my all-weather girl. We got a fire going in the school room and read about ancient history Persians and Athenians and pulled out the atlas and looked at the region. Talked about religions today and life in other countries and made wishes of places we'd like to visit. (She wants to go to France, and so do I.) Followed by math flash cards, grammar, spelling, and other stories. This is the delight of a home day, when there is no Monday-Wednesday crunch, and it's everything I love about our life.

The kids dressed up when lessons were completed to ride sleds again. Lanie popped her head inside to say, "Hot chocolate and some popcorn might be nice in about half an hour."

"I can do that," I told her.


They loved sledding backwards down the hill into the field. I seriously need to get some snow pants.
 Wine cork Pinterest project and a glue gun ready. Laundry to fold. A list of to-do for February's end, then March, then April.

But for now, I've got popcorn to pop, because I know the trick. 

Those little mugs. A wilty tulip. Dishes on a counter to put away.

Enjoy these days, all of them. The laundry, the cleaning, the shoveling, the sick (days), the schooling, the sweeping, the dishes, the fires, the mess, the running ... enjoy these things.

The kids were so happy when I pulled out whipped cream and marshmallows. Is that all it takes?


Nora said...

You're such a good momma!

Courtney said...

On days when there is whipped cream and marshmallows and lots of yeses to outside playing: yes.

On days when I'm handing them bags to confiscate favorite toys that they have to earn back because of repeated yucky attitudes and not helping out: probably not so much.