Monday, February 2, 2015

Two-hour delay

I wasn't expecting it--slurping down coffee at 3:30 this morning, history book opened to Justinian 2 and his mutilated nose, a pen in my hand. Later, I checked for delays in case the streets were icy. Two counties called it, two-hour delay. Translated: we're closed. Translated further: fire up the wood stoves and bake cookies today.

I went upstairs shortly before six to tell Lanie the news. I climbed into bed with her as she chatted me about a dream. It's been years since I've laid next to her, she was such a little girl, maybe four? Now she's headed to thirteen. She said to me the other day, "I have always wanted to be a teenager."

These moments hit me hard. It goes so fast.

Later I went to Erin's room to tell her there was no school. She opened up her blanket for me to climb in and I held her close. Soon, she was back to sleep in my arms. I think we dozed until eight.

Two fires going, school assignments detailed. The pattering spurts of rain. This afternoon we sat around the kitchen table and ate lunch together. Sometimes we're all running on different time tables that we don't get to do this.

We worked in school lessons and other lessons about kindness and cookies. Days like today when life is so, so good, I wonder why we're in a co-op. Home is such a sweet haven.

Erin assisted baking cookies today. And later, Lanie is helping me make Cindy's apple pie. Chicken thighs covered in Wegman's BBQ sauce in the crock pot. And the house is warm. No place I'd rather be.

She cracks eggs too.

white chip/chocolate chunk

David's painting on the wall; Marshall's mom's pitcher, gifted

blurry, stretchy hound dog waiting for crumbs

Erin copying a recipe for oatmeal raisin cookies--tomorrow's batch

David comes home from the hospital today.

I love that man.

the view from his hospital room

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