Monday, March 2, 2015

And still counting (6685-6709)

I thought it was the stomach bug going around, a quickie that lasted a day or two--but on days three and four, a growing concern for Erin. She no longer wanted cuddles or talk or anyone close to her. She wouldn't budge from the couch for fear of throwing up. And as she is the resident cuddle-bug, my arms ached to hold her close. Never realized how often she'd come to me for hugs and kisses until she was no longer doing that. This morning, thankful for her smiling face and returned chatter--a wide-eyed, run-on list of everything she wanted to do ... starting with suiting up to go play outside at 7:30 in the morning because she missed the snow all these days. (I told her to wait till a bit later.)


for Gatorade, freezie pops, crackers, peppermints, gingerale (and her willingness to save some of all of it for Lanie)

celebration cakes for a kiddo who likes to crack the eggs
vanilla buttercream icing
Medieval Great Books
wood for fires

all the moments she'd let me hold her close
her sweet heart ("I feel so terrible! I don't want you to get this, Mom!"
and recovery hugs
full days emptied of tasks so I could sit next to my girl and comfort her

snow days
home days
Marshall's mom's kind words
an upcoming food shoot 
an apology note

laundry detergent
smiles, returned

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