Monday, March 23, 2015

And still counting (6765-6796)

a snowfall on the first day of spring (possibly the prettiest snow yet)
hot coffee
this year's reading plan through the Bible
the things I'm learning because of it
warm days

Shane in blankets watching TV
a chance to meet a friend's good neighbor
butternut bisque
lunch with Doris
her friendship

a blender, gifted
the hum of the heater
a fox in snow
the sound of laundry dropping down the chute
weekly dates with Nora

a chat with Karen on the school room couch
Erica picking up cookies and staying for lunch
Christy watching my kids so I could get a hair cut
the very awesome scalp massage
color I didn't have to do myself (what a treat)

this old, cold house
texts with Anita
a friends sleepover for Lanie and Erin
camera 2

a knitting hour with Dad and Linda
a yes to Good Friday dinner
seats for nine at an Easter service

these years on 66 Books

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