Sunday, March 29, 2015

Weekend in March

The kids had gotten gift cards some time ago, and today we took them out to spend them.

Erin is an absolute hoot. Gifts and shopping thrill her. She was doing mad math, tallying the costs of the things she wanted. She ended up getting a bird (she'd seen advertised on TV), a Lego Friends set and a bottle of bubbles. She's been talking non-stop since we left.

Lanie got two Lego Friends things, and at the check-out, she asked Shane if she could get a package of candy. He said yes. I'm certain she asked him because I would probably say no.

"When we get home, let's build our Lego Friends in the living room. And we can eat candy!" Lanie suggested.

"Ok!" Erin said.

Shane and I sat in the front and laughed quietly.

These kids make my heart so happy.


I went out for lunch with a friend yesterday. She and her family are preparing to move to another state, and we have until the end of April left with them. We drove under flurries to the shop, sat in the car and talked probably an hour before heading in to eat; sampled a coconut curry soup (delightful!) and ordered a pot of tea to split. We had a charming window seat and a view of the town. I wished I'd had my camera to take her picture. She looked so pretty.

I will miss her.

She surprised me by her comments to me, comments that suggested she really listened to me and appreciated my perspective. I have always looked up to her for her faith, strength, and discernment. I've always felt like the student to her wisdom. She sent a note to my inbox today and it said several things I treasure. But this? Gold.

"Thank you so much for being true."

I will miss her.


Earlier today, I cornered my man and hugged him.

"Do me a favor, k?" I asked in a happy voice. "Try to show some excitement for the things we get to do around here this spring?"

Wishing this wintry cold away so I can get out in those beds and prepare them for spring. Right now, though? Sipping away at some chocolate chili truffle tea, the outside sound of my husband chopping wood, my girls inside with a non-stop dialogue.

Heading out for a woods walk.

This is the life.

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