Monday, April 6, 2015

And still counting (6819-6850)

spring peepers ushering in a new season in song
warmer temperatures

daffodils along the walkway
the last of the snow mound, melted
a wiggly dog squirming for a belly rub on the grass
winter wear packed away

emails from friends
a break
a friend I can get teary with
that Erin wanted to be "it"
a talk with Darby that made it all right

scripture verses: perspective and direction
our talk about hazy times, fading fast
this old, cold house
a great friend in Jiliann for Lanie
egg rolls, specially delivered

Your perfect timing (and how everything is encased in multifaceted glory)
sixteen years married
piano music in the house
discounted crafts
Easter egg hunts

layered salad leftover
half and half for coffee
a cork craft finished--our Friday nights with friends (thank you, God, for putting hospitality in our hearts--that we can use this home and our offerings for your glory)
tulips in a pitcher

David and Anita at our table for dinner
a good day for yard work
treats for the kiddos from Ivette
worship in section 4
abundant life

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