Monday, April 13, 2015

And still counting (6851-6891)

good coffee
sunny days
short sleeves
the view from the bench
the green season

daffodils blooming
kids on bikes
coconut macaroons
a photoshoot

images that made my friend so happy
props for my kids to enjoy
blankets on chilly gray days
clean clothes
bubbles sailing past the window

volleyball hangouts with Nora
hamburgers on the grill
the sound of girls giggling past bedtime
a full tank and a full car
a field trip to Medieval Times

that Erin could go too
and the Green Knight threw a flower to her
how she put it in a vase of water when she got home
pink lemonade snoball with marshmallow

for illness that didn't take us down and out
his birthday, a seventy-ninth
that Jesus passed the bread and wine to Judas
his example of serving others who look for ways to betray
a table to plan

the nasty note that showed up on my screen
Kristine catching tears
for our friendship since we were teens
closeness with Lanie
peppermint oil

tulips in a vase
the kids in Great Books
Andrea at my table on a Friday afternoon
the ring of the captain's bell
extra kids at the table

a movie night in the living room

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