Monday, April 20, 2015

And still counting (6892-6940)

a twice found dog
awesome neighbors
a good leash
pansies in a pot

Lisa and George
Pepto Bismol
peanut M&Ms
my Great Books class
their honesty and input

anointing and grace
Your power in my weakness
white tulips
Raul's time
John and Bruce

the pine forest
water walking with the girls
cheap rice
breakfast casseroles to give away
green grass

spring blooms
neighboring bonfires
Clorox wipes
blankets made by my dad

online sermons
fellow woods dwellers
pink lemonade snoballs with marshmallow

Karen So
the smell of onion grass and field fragrance
worship at church
races with Shane
a prom photo shoot

Nicole for coffee
dirt under my nails
snake sightings from the safety of my car
a race with Lanie for the coffee box
weeds to pick

baby foxes playing on fallen logs behind the house
Indian rice
a garden, half tidied
herbs gifted

a picnic in the field, for four
birds up in the air, so high
an afternoon nap
the hot tub, gone
the kids on bikes

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