Thursday, April 30, 2015

Four days

We are wrapping up a school year and I'm trying to plot the remaining days for my class. Yesterday we sat around a table and the students ate their lunches and I just felt lucky to be part of it all.

"Did you get a ukelele yet?" one student asked me.

I fell in love with hers and she told me it was easy to play and a lot of fun. We looked them up together online.

"Not yet," I said. Thoughts on mulch and pool opening and next year's text books. "It's on a wish list."

"Wish list," a boy chuckled.

I smiled too.

Happy thoughts of L'Arbre Fee de Bourlemont to the plucky tune of a ukelele. I can't get the song out of my head, and I don't want to.

"Are you going to cry when we're gone?" she asked.

"Maybe at the end of year program, you know, after the song," I said.

I'm so looking forward to sunny days at home with my people and yard work and company over. But I'm also already happily planning into the next school year, with an ancient focus. Books on hold at the library, texts on order for summer reading.

"Where can we have a bonfire?" another girl asked.

"I've got a stick pile ready for one," I said.

"Can I bring my guitar?" she asked.



Cut the grass today. Happy to be back under sunny rays and field smells. A cardinal tried breaking in a few times, without success. My hound napped on the patio. A to-do for the day that bumped plans around, some into tomorrow. Four days off before school on Monday seem to fly by in no time. Glad I was able to grab a moment on the bench.

Our couch friends also gave us a bench set they weren't keeping
Weekend plans full of gardening.

Happy dance.

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