Sunday, April 12, 2015

How it flies

That feeling when Monday is looking around the corner, waving through the window.

We kicked off a spring break celebrating an anniversary; squeezing in piano and volleyball; Easter celebrations Friday, Saturday, Sunday; dinners with several different families; yard warrior-ing and hauling; movies and popcorn and books--and nothing of the school variety; snowballs and snow shoots; a medieval field trip, meal and show; and then capping off with a weekend sleepover with friends. There was church. There was more popcorn. And, to my great amusement, after nearly four years here, Shane finally hooked up the DVD player to the the t.v. in the living room. (A student lent me a movie he really wanted to see--guess I just needed the right incentive!)

Tomorrow is a review with the county and I'm getting the materials together. All the while fighting a head cold and nausea that has been picking at me for days. I wish it would just hit and take me out instead of bullying me.

Looking forward to celebratory coffee and treat at Panera after our review. Of a countdown to the end of the year. And daydreams of picnics under walnut trees, trail riding with kids, summer splashes, field fragrance, and the full bloom lush life of woods living. 

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