Friday, April 17, 2015


It's greening outside, and unexpected sun today means biking for her. She comes in, a pale face, and says, "Mom?"

I hold a waiting finger up and finish a call.

"You know .... ?" she starts, and I don't remember the words because new ones stand out. She comes to sit on my lap and show me the scrape on her leg. Her little legs stretched out over mine and I hold onto this moment of how small she is. "It didn't really bleed, but it hurts."

She leans her head against my should and I run my fingers through her hair.

"You're one of my favorite people," I say quietly.

"You're one of my favorite people too," she responds.

I touch her nose and look at little freckles. Look into her blues.

"You make my heart happy," I say.

"You make my heart happy too."

I smell sunshine on her skin.

"I will love you forever," I tell her.

"I love you, Mommy."

She's dressed for summer and we have a cookie run to make to neighbors who helped find Nella.

"You're my girl."

"You're my mom."

Heading out to deliver cookies. She's up and able. So thankful for my family.

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