Sunday, April 26, 2015


Dad, Linda and Lori came over for lunch today to celebrate (Dad and Linda's) birthdays. I was skeptical about the weather. I was skeptical about the menu (and having enough). And if you know me well enough, well, then you know.

I worked camera 2 at church and came home to pull out the food and get things ready: iced tea, fresh lemonade, scented oils.

I made an overnight layered salad, chicken salad sandwiches, and a pasta salad. I got an assortment of lunch-size chips that looked so novel in a basket with red and white checkered linens. Dessert was a coconut cream pie (for Linda), a raspberry something-or-other with whipped cream, and lemon sorbet.

When they showed up, I guided them to the patio furniture where the hot tub used to be and we enjoyed warm rays shining down on us, iced tea and fresh lemonade. Nella chased after a baseball a few times. Linda and I walked around and looked at the garden additions and the holes where the subtracted things once occupied.

Dad showed me his new phone. He laughed at the pictures he could take of us that we didn't even notice. And then I had him look at the screen, flipped the image, and snagged a selfie of us. He liked that. So we did a fun one. And then everyone got in on it.

Linda and me

Dad having fun

My dad

All of us
Lunch was stress-free. Dessert was fun with his-blue and her-pink candles. I got Linda a gorgeous hot-pink-and-white flecked geranium. I got Dad a buttery yellow primrose (and a jar of horseradish mustard). (And this is why "time together" is my love language and not "gifts". I am terrible at gift giving.)

Dad is seventy-nine. Linda is seventy. Thankful we could all be together. Thankful that my skepticism was laid to rest with blue skies, warmth, and happiness. Thankful for a picture with them. 

(Note: I have no idea why some of the pictures look like we smeared white chalk on the lips and teeth. These images weren't edited at all.)


Nora said...

Glad all was well!

Courtney said...

Thanks, friend. xoxo