Friday, April 3, 2015

Table for nine

Teena came over with her crew tonight. We lit some candles at the table and dined on a feast. An early start to the day and systematic checking off of things that needed to get done. And it all got done. Shew. So glad for time that didn't seem hurried--in preparation or togetherness.

It was easily an hour from the last bite of dinner to thoughts of dessert. I got so lost in conversation with them. These are my favorite things: food and friendship at the table.

Lanie and Jiliann took off to craft bracelets and things on the Rainbow Loom. Erin and Kam were in and out, barefoot, of course. Bubbles. Slinkies. Swings and slides.

We had ice cream sandwiches for dessert. And I made s'mores bars out of Golden Grahams, marshmallows and chocolate chips.

She was getting her kids together to leave, minus one. I wasn't sure why I was sharing it with her, but told her about the reading I had on 66 Books this week. How Jesus was telling the disciples to recognize the times, and to remember Lot's wife--don't look back. This is in Luke 17.

"She looked back at the destruction and it destroyed her," I said. "So, you know, don't look back."

Teena told me how someone had shared that very same thing with her years ago when they were moving (out this way). And now, on the ready of another move, I was telling her the same thing. She started to tear up.

I walked her and her family out to the chorus of spring peepers--their debut concert today. The mild temperatures. A song. I hugged her goodbye.

Afterwards, cloth napkins still rumpled at the table. Chairs still turned for conversations. Water glasses nearly emptied. I grabbed the last of it and loaded the dishwasher.

The peepers are still singing their hearts out.

The kiddos are upstairs laughing.


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