Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The j-o-y

I love Wednesday because it's like an extra Friday.

I love the kids in my Great Books class.

I love medieval literature and history.

(I love reading books to first and second graders, too.)

I love sitting with high schoolers during the lunch hour and writing scripts and singing along to a ukelele.

I love the moms at co-op.

I love coffee after school.

cherry tree

I heart tulips


I stood on a chair today in front of my class because I didn't have a soapbox, and I lectured encouraged them on Hebrews 12, about running their race and finishing strong. Three weeks left.

I got teary with a friend who is moving on, how our lives crossed for such a brief time. Was thankful for her ugly honesty, a beautiful truth through refining fire, her vulnerability.

A woman spoke fluently to me in French today, and my head was giddy and glad to hear it. What a delightful surprise.

Another mom and I had what I found to be an unexpected jump into the deep end. I was thankful.

Thankful for the many opportunities to see into real lives, real struggles, real honesty, real friends.

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