Saturday, April 4, 2015

The little things, the big things

In trying to cover the big things, I overlooked the little things. I had a menu planned--ham, marinated tenderloin, baked potato casserole, layered overnight salad, roasted carrots, smores bars and ice cream sandwiches. I cleaned the house and did laundry and vacuumed/mopped floors. We ran out quickly to Michaels where Lanie picked up a few things for her friend, I grabbed a cheapo bundle of fake flowers for the little jars in the bathroom, and scored some Easter crafts on 60% markdown. We had another stop to make to get the ice cream sandwiches from a local shop.

When we got home, there was still time to spare. I began to cut up celery and cheese cubes. I had completely overlooked any appetizer-y snacky things by trying to cover the big things. They were coming at five and we probably wouldn't eat till after six. I hoped it would do. The fixings looked so pathetic on that little plate.

Teena arrived with her group and we chatted and I cast a vague gesture in the direction of my very sad plate of offerings.

And then the doorbell rang.

I answered the door to find a neighbor's daughter standing with a plate presented towards me.

"My mom made these for you," she said.

And I knew what it was before I even felt the warmth transferring to my hands. Her homemade egg rolls.

I know I gushed a fool's gratitude. (Seriously, after having had these before, they are the most delightful homemade treasure I could imagine. I have secretly hoped and wished she'd make more to send over. And she did. Awesomeness.)

I walked into the kitchen with the plate and carefully peeled back the foil. I pulled out my jar of spicy honey and heated it to drizzle over the plate.

We had an appetizer, just like that.

With holy reverence, we each reached for a roll and quietly, humbly, gratefully sampled, dined, feasted.

"These are the best I've ever had!" one commented.

"These are really good! They're still hot!" another said.

(Yeah, seriously, they're that good--and so is God, to have a warm appetizer delivered by a neighbor. His timing is always perfect. This heart sings--He knows the little things are really the big things.)


marshalls_mom said...

Love this :)

Courtney said...

Me too.