Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Yesterday's forecast: sunny

Yesterday's forecast was the sunniest of the week, and the only real day to try to do outside things. I had planned to take the kids trail riding in the afternoon (ended up being a total BUST because of a deflated front tire that would not inflate for anything. Boo.). Instead, they biked around the property and I raked up leaves.

got the season's first blister, despite wearing gloves

taking a break

Erin and I sat on this bench and ate a cookie

so glad to be outside again

I needed this day

Our Easter pictures looked cloaked in brown with all the leaves from last fall. I raked up flower beds in the afternoon on Sunday, and yesterday finished dragging off leaves I couldn't mulch up with the tractor.

I found this cute pair just waiting to see daylight.

Rain in the forecast most of the week. Overbooked myself Thursday through Sunday, so Monday through Wednesday are my only chance to do some things I wanted to do. Sadly, putting off painting until next week.

I think I need another full week off.

At least.

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