Monday, May 11, 2015

And still counting (6986-7026)

heart-to-heart talks with my favorite hearts
a card in the mail from Marshall's mom
an evening walk with Lanie, holding hands
colorful flowers in the window boxes
hanging baskets on sale

Lake and Lodge coffee
a Friday to sleep in
two days left of co-op
a very old cat
books stacked to read

patio furniture from a friend
seating in a cozy nook
the smell of the field on cutting days
a dogwood, unexpected
little marigolds along the walkway

a bunny for Lanie to chase
baby foxes playing in the driveway that made Shane laugh and want to show me
summer business of regrouping and relaxing
an ancient booklist
how she likes to sit in "big" church with us

the quick chat with Pamela
color kits for summer fun
favorite things about Great Books
Linda at the table
dirt under my nails

a walkway, revealed
overgrown gone
little succulent to gift away
texts with friends on Mother's Day
lots of garden work finished

sunny skies
cream soda
scenic routes
a great day for a piano recital
Erin's debut

how I could see her hands on the keys as she played
how my heart swelled for her as she played
ice cream scoops afterwards
and a little trophy
Shane and the shirt

the family I've got

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