Monday, May 18, 2015

And still counting (7027-7057)

a waffle cook off
the Chanticleer
Julius Caesar in a history read aloud with Erin
knowing there is a story within a story

a great skit
a graduation to host
sunny skies
marigolds gifted from Sandy
that mama's tears

paths that crossed
an impression from a Bible reading that wouldn't let go of me
the prompt to pray for open eyes
and how you showed me the story within the story
her repentant heart and tears

coffee in the afternoon with moms from co-op
an evening getaway with Julie and Judah
his sweet smiles
a field trip to the planetarium
and the cat nap under stars

Teena's flexibility this weekend
the video sermon on the importance of choosing friends wisely
Lanie next to me during worship
and all the songs about vision and open eyes
that you speak to me in ways I recognize

bowling with my man and kids
a birthday dinner to celebrate him--Burnin' Love style
a visit with David
how he kissed me goodbye
and wouldn't let go of my hand

the green season
and summer stretched out before us

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