Monday, May 25, 2015

And still counting (7058-7087)

white chip chocolate cookies
laundry--cleaned, folded, put away
the girls' help

cold water
lemon water
the yummy coconut milkshake drink
good workouts
weeding in the garden

vegetable plants growing
beautiful blossoming baskets of flowers
buttercups carpeting the field
night owls
good reads

timely messages
answered prayers
decisions and new paths
my dad's knit blankets on chilly days
how good Shane's hugs feel

Jiliann at our table three days in a row
sunlight reaching and rippling through the tree leaves in the garden
local wine
last papers to grade
love stories

mulch to spread
sore legs
good sleep
camera 2

laser tag for Lanie and Jiliann
a leisurely talk with a friend

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