Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Life is good

We were walking into the store and she was exhaling chatter-thoughts to me.

"I like the ones that you can tell have been worn a lot because I just imagine all the good memories someone had," she said. She was excited, and I smiled at the silver lining at second hand.

We looked through racks in rainbow colors, and she picked out a purple shirt and held it out for me to see--little campfire on the front and we thought of bonfires in the yard.

That girl.

We picked out several shirts and she exclaimed, "Mom! Don't spend all your money on me!"

She went into a changing room to try on a shirt, though it wasn't necessary. She chatted me all the while, and it was such a girls'-day-out kind of thing.

When we got home, she showed Shane all the things she got. I handed a few shirts to Lanie, and she held them close.


Last days of schooling. Geography. Thank you notes. Library trips.


Erin helped me planting marigolds and planter flowers and impatiens. She happily sloshed alongside me with a watering can full to welcome new plants home with a celebratory drink.

Planter flowers. I have no idea what they are called.

She was wearing the "Life is good" shirt.

"I've made a lot of happy memories in this shirt already," she told me.

"You did?" I asked, smiling.

"Yes!" And she told me all about a happy day playing, blowing bubbles, helping in the garden. I think I even heard her playing a harmonica earlier.


Nora said...

I love that you notice these moments. I need to work on that!

Courtney said...

Thanks, friend. Love you!