Saturday, May 9, 2015


Lanie started with Miss Joanne when she was nine years old in third grade. Erin started this past year and had her first recital today, at the end of second grade and eight years old. She could hardly sleep last night. Woke up at six this morning and was napping on the couch by 10:30 a.m. The butterflies were fierce in her.

To Shane she said, "You've never had to play in front of THOUSANDS of people before!" (I'm not exactly sure where she got the idea it was so large!)

Normally, the mood is tense before a recital, and as we left the last lesson a few days ago, bickering kids and sass taking on a whole new level. But today? Amazing. They both had a case of the nerves, but I could hear them giggling and playing around on the piano and having a great time. Lanie was such a great sister to Erin today, and I'm sure the fun calmed her nerves too.

Erin got a trophy as a beginner player. Lanie was recognized for memorizing one of her recital pieces. Afterwards, we went out for ice cream and all thought banana fudge was the best.

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