Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Six and two

So long, six and two. Last day of school. A fall that came too soon, a winter that lasted too long, a spring that seemed to languish and a mad dash to the finish.

The end-of-year program was a great success. I loved the Medieval Great Books skit--the kids did so well. Loved the little tune L'Arbre Fee de Bourlemont.

My kids and I worked on thank you notes for tutors and yesterday I baked cookies and read through the last parts of The Canterbury Tales. Lost miserably to a student in a waffle bake-off, but what fun!

Said goodbye to some moms, calling out to them in shouts of happy wishes, arms waving, and loud love. I know what that feeling is like, to know the end like that and drive away from a piece of something--one mom wiping tears from her face as she won't be back next year. So many families like worker ants, loading cars, heading out for a summer vacation that begins now. I just stayed in the moment, watching those moms drive off, being present in the goodbye.

"Did you see her face?" I asked a mom, but maybe she didn't with all the families passing by.

Sweet sister, I hope we meet again. I won't forget your tears or your heart.

The day had its trying moments. I still have papers to grade and reports to write up. But I look around at paper piles and book piles and I know that someday soon, I will take back my house. Lanie put a book in front of me that she just finished and wants me to read. I told her I'd start it tonight.

Lanie goes to seventh. Erin goes to third. I head into Ancients.

But first, summer.


Nora said...

So glad you made it to summer! Hope to see you soon!

Courtney said...

You will! Swim party in our future for sure!