Monday, May 18, 2015

Taking back the home

Our first Monday home, I slept in till seven. How delightful! I had two cups of coffee, and planned out what needed to be done.

Five loads of laundry, clean bathrooms, change bed linens, sweep floors and vacuum, clean off counter tops, remove last year's school books from the shelves and get ready for the next load, finish up grading papers, calculate grades, purge papers we aren't saving.

Not all of this got done, but we made a big dent in it. I started a summer chart for the girls. They still have their regular chores (trash, feeding pets, dishwasher), but now they earn t.v. time by keeping rooms clean and helping with laundry, and they earn other screen time with small jobs like watering new plants, sweeping the walkway and patio, vacuuming rooms, etc.

Lanie loves lists and plowed through hers immediately. She likes the sense of accomplishment. Erin procrastinated and then it was hot and the patio was too hot for her feet and the air was too hot for work. So I helped her out and she earned some time. Some of the tasks she liked, just not ones that made her sweat.

Erin is working through math this summer and we are memorizing states and capitals as a family. Lanie said to me Sunday night, "I can't wait to go to bed tonight because I know I don't have to get up early on Monday!"

And I didn't feel so bad that I stayed up late reading a book I wanted to read.

I'm glad to be taking back my home that a school year bumped to the back burner. And glad to have helper kiddos so that it doesn't all fall on my shoulders.

Got a text from a friend who is finished with her co-op too.

"Play date this week?"


Not scheduling much of anything else because I really want my house back first.

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