Monday, June 1, 2015

For Nora

Because she's an inspiration.

Because she used the photos I took of her kids to feature them for the school year.

Because it made my heart so crazy happy that she thought enough of the photos to use them.

Because she shares Toffifay with me.

Because we get each other, O Captain, my Captain.

Yeah. All that, at least. Thanks for being a friend, Nora!

(And if you're wondering who Judas is, it's obviously not the one who betrayed Jesus. I would bet we could all think of a betrayer in our lives, who may not have sold us into torture and death, but has treated our hearts [feelings or very being] as worthless. That's the one who sat at my table, the one who has looked at me through nearly a dozen sets of eyes throughout my life, and even across a table. I love that Jesus broke the bread and served the wine for him. It was hard for me to push through to that moment, but miraculously easy and peaceful in my heart the day I did--sometimes crap isn't so bad when you do it for God's glory. He's the only one who really notices anyway.)

On, on!

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