Monday, July 13, 2015

And still counting (7202-7238)

Lori R.

Becky W
Becky P
Marshall's Mom
Karen So

a bag of GF treats for our cabinets
Miss Linda
chocolate ice cream
brownies for dessert

sunny skies
the kids swimming
frogs at the pool
cookbooks in the mail
support groups

Pinterest and all the gluten-free pins
gluten-free sections at the store
friends at the store
gluten-free ice cream cones
owls that entertain us in the evening

grass cut
a movie out with my kids
church after a month
Casi hugging me when the doors opened

25 pounds of rice
a clean refrigerator
online resources to help us navigate Celiacs
the support of family and friends
that my dad called me

the diagnosis
for friends who mean well
pioneers in gluten-free living

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