Monday, July 20, 2015

And still counting (7239-7272)

When we first got the diagnosis, my friend Lisa texted me, "Listen, the verses that talk about not worrying about what we eat, etc. apply here to (this situation) too. It's a learning curve and very stressful I know but God is going to direct your steps and He cares so much about (her) health and well being."

Thankful for

the incredible outpouring of love and support from friends and family
bags of gluten free food gifted to us over and over and over to restore a pantry

encouragement from friends to keep doing what God has made me to do
a lighter (summer) co-op reading load, thanks Nicole!, so I can focus on getting this house up and running
advice from gf friends on flour, storage, etc.
good deals on glass containers
a quick hello to Alex G. while she was in town

Lisa's kids at our pool, splashing the day away
free rocks from Linda
and a sunny sunflower towel and oven mitt set too
links and love from Connie
zucchinis from my very own garden

and cucumbers too
time to read all the library books I got on celiac disease and gluten free

Karen So
the woody smell of pine
frogs in the pool
a colander
a cozy mat for the dog

plans on the calendar for my girl, good summer memories to make up for lost time
really good apples
a 5 pound bag of flour blend
homemade pizza

David at the table
Linda on a Friday night
spackle on the pantry wall
sunny skies
family swim, all of us

answered prayer
how You made a way

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