Wednesday, July 29, 2015


July always proves to be a reflective time.

I lost a child (many years ago) in July. My mom had a birthday, died and was buried in July. We moved in July. And even this year, a gluten-free order brought another permanent change.


I hardly saw it this year--my face was in books for weeks.

I did snag a few pictures recently.

  • Garden tomato, impatiens, black-eyed Susans, sunflowers in a vase; 
  • Erin, with a frog, with her dad, how gorgeous the pool area looked after Shane worked in it; 
  • more Susans, eggs for baking day, a first batch of cookies, out of the oven; 
  • light on the floor while Erin writes a story, Erin at the pool, Lanie at the pool, Lanie with the 17-yr-old cat.  

I never imagined cookies would dominate my thoughts so much.

August: go slow. And save me a seat under the walnut tree.

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