Tuesday, July 14, 2015


Gluten-free. Several days straight of restless sleep. Third day of headache. Thirteen books on hold at the library (about Celiacs, gluten-free, kids and gluten-free, etc.). A Pinterest board that's 200 strong in a week. Gf food gifts from friends. Healthy dinners. Grace, poured out.

I met with a friend yesterday and told her how June was a multi-faceted strain on our family. And this past week? I had done nothing towards co-op because I was single-focused on home. So thankful for her grace and understanding as I work from, "What can we have for dinner?" to "What's for dinner?"

Price comparisons (gluten-free is EXPENSIVE). Bought a new baking and pizza pan. Cleaned up the bread machine and packed it away for the time being, along with some skillets and muffin tins. Ordered a digital scale.

I told (her), "I need to get this part of my life in order before the school year starts. I'm cramming to learn everything I can."

With yard (and its seasonal needs), home (cleaning, cooking, shopping), tutoring Lanie full time, tutoring Erin on off days, teaching Ancient Great Books, I don't have a lot of time to be figuring out what I'm doing in the kitchen. I want to have that worked out this month. And glad that my kids will be learning (as I learn too!) how to work with gluten-free products. Can't wait for a decent piece of bread. (Another friend has been gluten-free since 2009 and told me she gave up on bread because  the brands she'd tried weren't good. I told her if I get a good homemade loaf, I'll make some for her too.)

Armed with three cookbooks, a scale on the way, and Shane ordered me a 5lb bag of flour blend.

It's interesting how, overnight, we are in a whole new category. Excited for the new friendships and opportunities that grow from being gluten-free. (Already thinking of my first gluten-free cookie swap.) And thankful that Trader Joe's has gluten-free waffles for $1.99. Best score ever!

definitely a 2-cup kinda life right now

some of the books I picked up at the library



Nora said...

God's grace in all things. You're an amazing mom!

Courtney said...

Ack! You're an amazing friend! Thanks for all your advice and tips. Love you!