Friday, July 17, 2015


With all the researching of gluten-free pantries, it reminded me of the upside of rebuilding: shopping for pretty things.

(I remember one time a woman came over at our other house and I was getting something out of the pantry there, and she stood behind me and said, "You have all the labels facing out. I thought so." Lol. I never even paid attention to it. Truth is, Shane probably went behind me and did that. But now I do it on purpose, because it makes sense.)

I've been online looking for storage containers. But all I really need storage for is a variety of flours, rices, and nuts. Against Shane's judgment, I went for glass.

I couldn't help it. It's only for a few items: nuts, popcorn, and a couple of baking supplies. I loved the way the light reflected off the glass in all those Pinteresty pictures. And it wasn't photoshopped. It really does make everything look magical.

this little one is perfect for baking powder and baking soda

I went to Ikea for the best deal, because every other place seemed to want $30 for three pieces.

I did WAY better than that.

I came home and washed them up, hand dried them, and then filled them. GF baking soda. GF baking powder. Popcorn kernels. Sunflower seeds. Almonds. Walnuts. Even the dog treats got a lovely container of their own. I'm going to print off clear labels for tops and sides.

all great sizes


dog treats
Since I'll likely be buying baking flours in bulk, I'll shell out the dollars over at King Arthur for their buckets, ranging from 5, 10, to 25 pound capacities. (Not a paid endorsement for anything and no affiliate links.)

I'm still looking for flour deals. The best I found so far was 25 lbs for $80 plus shipping for a flour blend. That was not a typo. Almond flour and coconut flour are more expensive in those quantities, but cheaper per pound in the long run.

What this means--if you get cookies or bread from me, I truly love you.

I love Ikea too.

I even got a new colander.


It's so stinkin' cute

I have serious kitchen issues.

Williams-Sonoma has a similar effect on me.

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