Sunday, July 19, 2015

Weekend images

We needed this weekend. From Friday wine night, to a stormy Saturday, to a sunny Sunday, we needed this.

Linda at the table, and laughter. Denise at our doorstep bearing gluten-free goodies. David at our table for dinner, enjoying ice cream.

gluten-free cones

And a Sunday splash that became a family time--Shane didn't swim at all last year, but today he went in and the kids said it was the best day ever. It definitely felt like our first day of summer, after all the issues going on around here.
This smile.

Shane and Lanie were racing. He said she's fast like a fish.

And this smile.

I made my first homemade gluten-free pizza. I learned a lot in the process--like prepping the dough a different day and letting it hang out in the fridge for a while, and certainly doubling the recipe. (The recipe didn't go as far as we hoped, and I tried to rush it a little. It might have spread out better if I'd had a rolling pin--my former rolling pin is in a gluten-quarantine. I have a new one on the way. I got a French rolling pin. It's the little things, people. And, you know, kitchen things. Anyway, the pizza was tasty. Reminded me of the crusts I used to make before I started sticking ingredients in the bread machine for a dough cycle.)

Shane patched some holes from where a shelving piece was, and I'll be sanding and painting the pantry for its gluten-free makeover. I'll be so glad to do that project, and even happier when it's finished.

Tomorrow I'll bake cookies with the kids as we test out this new flour blend.

I'm so thankful for what really felt like a restful weekend, the first restful weekend of the entire summer so far--and today, what felt like a vacation day for us all.

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