Monday, August 3, 2015

And still counting (7291-7328)

big glass jars in the mail
her laughter while she watches her homemade videos on my phone
black-eyed Susans in a pitcher
three packs of chicken thighs

Klondike ice cream bars on a platter
the captain's bell signaling dinner (and dessert)
three pool dates in one day
dinner for sixteen
a family photo shoot in the field

a toy puppy named Oscar

a solid sleep
fat blueberries in a colander
a text with Kelly

(another) Kellie sitting at my side
friends over

frog launching (not really)
a full day with no stress

white paint

butterflies on the flowers
marigolds along the walkway
good books
a full and happy heart

a 17-yr-old cat asleep on Erin's bed
salad in a green serving bowl
frozen bananas with magic shell
salty sunflowers in a mason jar
waffles in the freezer

cookbooks en route by mail
a birthday photo shoot for a dear friend's son

happy wishes on David's 81st

hanging out at the pool with my guy

hugs with Anita
talks with Marcy
this day

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