Monday, August 24, 2015

And still counting (7386-7436)

Sometimes it's hard to work it out--places where you'd expect to find (love, inclusion, kindness, community), versus the places where you actually do.

a friend to catch tears after orientation
real community in unexpected places
the reckoning of information
open doors

Lisa at our house three days in a week

backyard splashes
biggest smiles
Bento goodies in the mail
a panda sandwich press to give away

movie night for the kids with friends
a yes to CBS
a yes to math class
painted boards on a garage floor

sunny days
the smell of field fragrance breaking through my thoughts (thankful!)
butterflies in flight
a shared memory on a timeline
looking through cookbooks on the couch with Linda

a good walk with Nora
a dinner invitation for Lanie
little red and yellow tomatoes with fresh mozzarella
basil from the garden
Denise at the door

the biggest ever pizza sauce
6.5 pound can

goodies in a box
little cookie cutters, gifted

a flash sale on Lunchbots
crickets and locusts

camera 2
unexpected messages in my inbox from Dad
chamomile tea to give away
pushing past anger
the cashier at Wegmans

Batman, forever
the pin at 5 Below
Erin's surprise party for Lanie
stickers in the mail
kale salad

early mornings, still
the smell of clean laundry
little green peppers growing in my garden
Abigail at the table

ice cream out at The Cow

a compliment from Marshall's Mom's mom
a summer shot of friends
Lanie with friends: adore!
pantry shelves completed
Erin's imagination to turn the space into a play world for her toys
her help in wiping down the shelves

a gig with a neighbor

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