Monday, August 31, 2015

And still counting (7437-7473)

the amazing sunset in my sideview mirror
library run with Erin
French videos in the back seat
Trader Joe's Fireworks chocolate

coffee in the morning
the people who provide community
Barb walking down her driveway
Lisa T and Ann K at the pool
kids running through the yard

happy sounds
Funbites in the mail
a good deal on Romaine lettuce
time before school starts

fun math with Erin
and her interest in learning French
an article about a French immersion school in 1975
thoughts on my mother
dew drops hanging on ends of tomato plant leaves, like glistening diamonds

excited hands grasping new school books
shaved beef bowls
chopsticks at dinner
the soft of the purple blanket on a chilly Thursday morning
66 Books

how good sleep feels
gf rotisserie chicken at BJs
coffee on Saturday
a walk with Linda
chicken paprikash in the crockpot

a pool for my feet
hope in a challenge
that big moon on an end of summer night
homeschooling wishes together, things we hope to make come true next year

her love for shapes cut into apples
an open house to the past
good libraries

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