Monday, August 10, 2015

And still counting (7329-7358)

good reads on parenting/perspective on the internet (this--oh; and this!)
her 7-lb weight gain in a month

how healthy she looks
a really good pizza crust
four years here
a photoshoot with Erin and her Beanie Boos
and a pup who snuck in

Kelly T. and her girls over for a swim

chocolate chip bread (winner!)
my laundry room
pizza from a neighbor
My neighbor's lunch: she fixed me a cheese and fruit slice. YUMMY.

she went out and bought us their favorite gf pizza

we stopped by just as she was serving her husband lunch--and wine--oh, the life!

her gorgeous lunch
snow boots in the mail

Kellie and her crew over for swimming and cookies

Linda at the table
her hugs
red wine
red, white, and blue streamers in the wind

locusts and crickets, a fall symphony
cucumbers on the vine
blackberry vinegar
kale salad

Erica's gift and thoughtfulness
close up of bracelet
weeks still left before co-op
a year home with Lanie
pressure off--50 tips from a veteran homeschooler (yes: 43 and 50)
a fun trip to Rita's with the kids

and a clerk who asked me if I wanted sprinkles =)
Holy Spirit chills during worship
this song

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