Monday, August 17, 2015

And still counting (7359-7385)

sunny days in stormy forecasts
Marshall's mom and her kids at our place

cucumbers on the vine
a handful of jalapenos
ice cream cones at play date
a sister calling me a kindred spirit
friends who encourage and build up

a bag of gf goodies
a box of paper
photoshoots, a fall line-up
packages in the mail

that Red Robin has a gluten-free menu
and a local bakery has gluten-free yummies
a weeknight meet up with Julie and Judah
a night shop with Karen So
the best ever roasted potatoes

friends I miss the minute they drive away
white boards in the garage
snoballs in the freezer
peanut butter powder
hand-me-downs for Erin

stickers in the mail
crinkly paper sandwich bags
a French rolling pin
yard work
an afternoon at the pool with my people

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