Tuesday, August 4, 2015

And thank God for pizza

I've made two pizzas using Better Batter. The first one was ok. The second one (dough prepped, refrigerated several days for a slow rise) felt dense and I didn't really like it, even though I tried to really hard.

I tried another flour blend from a new cookbook tonight. This blend was a concoction I whisked together over the weekend that used tapioca and rice flour, potato starch and a few other things. I had high hopes for it.


I also snagged some almond flour at the store to try out (I made a quiche crust--meh; and a chicken parmesan--yum!). Baking a chocolate cake with it tomorrow, topped with marshmallow icing.

Anyway, back to pizza.

I baked two types tonight. The one with the almond flour was such a disappointment to me. The kids seem to like it at first, but Lanie didn't want seconds and Erin ate seconds but changed her mind halfway through. I ate my piece and thought about how much I didn't like it, and was seriously considering that the remainder of my life would be pizza free. (Not kidding.) I kept my disappointment to myself, as I didn't want to influence anyone else.

Then the other pizza was finished (the one with the rice and tapioca flours). It looked great. It cut great. It tasted great. I felt an insane joy. Ok, maybe not insane, but I was truly relieved.

People: pizza matters.

"This is really good," I said about fifteen times.

"I would like this even if we weren't gluten free," I said.

"I'm so glad we found a recipe we like," I went on.

I did most of the talking. Everyone else was eating. Except Lanie, who didn't even try it and cut out to watch The Waltons after she had eaten the almond flour pizza.

Erin had two helpings and ate them both.
I heart pizza

Friends, I think we found a winning batter. The best part? It doesn't cost a million dollars.

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