Sunday, August 23, 2015

Dear future owner of my house

Dear future owner of my house,

I'm writing to tell you our history here. The very skinny of how my husband got an urge to look online at listings, that turned into him printing out listings and picking up a brochure of this place and putting it under my nose ... and into my heart. This house with the crunchy fall leaves, and the tucked away feel, and the chorus of creatures outside our door. This house where we are third owners who love the woods and cozy rooms of an older style. This house whose street was situated between two crosses that lit up like beacons saying "this way" and we followed first with our hearts and dreams, and later with our feet and furniture.

This house was a transformation from first to second owner, from second to third. We wrangled woods and jungle here; and ripped out ceilings and floors; peeled off wallpaper and paintedpaintedpainted. I loved this house before it was yours. I loved that my children are growing up here. I loved how living here transformed my marriage and transformed me. I found peace and healing here. I found freedom.

This house was host to holidays, parties and swim dates. We homeschooled by the woodstove. Rode hills in snowy winters. Music filled these rooms through the intercom system and through both of my children playing piano. This house was full of love and happiness. And I wish the very same for you and your family, whenever you move here.

This house didn't have a modern pantry, so I converted a closet into one. I wanted to tell you that my husband took a day to measure and cut and hang the shelves. I painted them white because I wanted a bright and clean space. The kitchen may be the heart of a home, but the pantry is (nearly) the heart of my heart. This is where the provisions wait for our meals, parties, lunchboxes and giveaway dinners. So, it just may be a room full of shelves, but I wanted you to know how special it is to me. Not only was this pantry filled by the love and generosity of friends and family, this place is where I've been shaping my daughters and teaching them how to care for others and their future families. This is why I love the space so much--and because my husband built it for me. 

(I hope I remember to give you Cindy's recipe for apple pie. It is my favorite.)



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