Wednesday, August 5, 2015

In a year ... a look at the fourth

Thankful always for God's goodness, provision, protection, and love.
Friday night dinners



the hot air balloon that first fall--thanks, God!


the captain's bell surprise

all the little things, making it ours

His wonderful surprises

Looking back at a fourth year here, foot hovering over the start of a fifth. In a year, we closed the pool for another season. Started second and sixth grades homeschooling at co-op. I began teaching Medieval Great Books.

But around here, we replaced the living room fireplace insert, stacked four cords of wood, wrangled the woods back a few feet, took out the front landscaping trees, removed a hot tub to create a cozy nook, repurposed some of the flowering gardens to plant vegetables and phlox, and redid a pantry for a new gluten-free lifestyle ...


cozy nook

last fall on Lanie's birthday
We hosted another Thanksgiving with Dad, Linda, Lori and Denise. We had lots of snow fun. An Easter egg hunt. Gifted cookies to our neighbors and exchanged texts and happy waves. We've had an occasional playdate, sleepovers for the kids, a friend to come trick-or-treat, weekly Saturday coffee chats, and so many Friday night dinners.

I think back on that first year here--how I felt so overwhelmed by the projects--there were parts of the yard I refused to look at or photograph, though now I wish I had taken a picture or two. I felt overwhelmed by the feeling of living in Joel and Cindy's house. Each paint stroke felt like I was erasing their fingerprint and making a clean slate. (And if you know me, there was an element of sadness in that--because I remember still literally wiping the fingerprints off windows and walls at our former house.)
Cindy's style, our stuff. (August 2011)
White paint and Weimaraner

I remember the day Shane showed me the brochure to this home, and I watched the online video until my own feet entered through the door--it grabbed me. Funny too, because when I think of what it was (so very different from what we were), sometimes I think, "What was I thinking?!"

But it called to me "home."

Sometimes we talk about the quiet of an empty nest, and he dreams of condo life. I don't know how I could ever leave here. The kids seemed so small when we brought them here, and now growing so fast. I cherish every birthday, holiday, Friday night dinner. This house is full of love and memories. I'm learning and trying as hard as I can to be present in these moments and not distracted by so much that the beauty of now slips away.

We had former neighbors over today for a swim and chocolate chip bread. They moved before we did. I'm so glad we stayed in touch. I also made a chocolate cake to celebrate today, but it kinda might have got a little burned. Not that the kids cared--you know, CAKE.

Thankful for four years here.

On, on.

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