Saturday, August 22, 2015


Around the table last night, Shane was telling me how he found long, painted boards at a hardware store near work. This, after we are making do with the not-as-long boards that I painted yesterday.

"Sometimes I walk around the hardware stores and just look at stuff and imagine what I could do," he said.

"I do that too," I laughed. Meaning, imagining what he could do around the house.

"I think my days for big project are over," he finished.

"Courtney could do it!" Linda said.

"Yeah, but it just might not be the way you think it should be done," I said.

I thought this was funny. Except for the part of having to bag the dream of a kitchen remodel.


I checked out Zulily at the end of the day yesterday and was bummed I missed out on a deal.

"Lunchbots were on sale at Zulily today," I said to Shane.

"Were they really on sale, or were they just priced to seem like a sale?" he asked.

"No, they were really on sale. I've been at their site this week looking at their boxes. I was so busy today I didn't think to peek at the deals and I totally missed out on the Bento Cinco. It was thirty percent off," I said.

He laughed. "Bento Cinco."

"No, this is good stuff. But it's so expensive that there's no way I'm buying it regular price. I'd need a birthday check or something for that!"

He howled. Then I howled.

"Birthday check!"

I appreciate his response. I do say things for effect.

"You're pushing fifty! No one's going to give you a birthday check!" he went on.

I laughed so hard I thought for sure I'd wake the kids up. And for the record: I'M NOT PUSHING FIFTY YET.

He laughed harder, "Not unless you take one of the kid's birthday checks!"

"Oh stop!" I said.

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