Friday, August 21, 2015

No baking day

I made these bars last week in an attempt to get Erin to try new foods. I figured since it had chocolate in it, it would be a winner. It mostly was. She preferred I try to blend the oats to a finer texture this time, so I did.

I tried my hand at making these bars (from Gluten Free on a Shoestring) in an attempt to save money and have a good protein snack for the kids. Shane and I eat them too.
I made a second batch today. It's a no-bake recipe, so the only cooking was heating up the nut butter, syrup and milk. Easy.

Chocolate and oatmeal--makes 16 bars

They're finished and packaged in the fridge for another week. Hoping to get my food groove down before school starts. So far I have the shopping part mostly worked out.


Erin has had a hard time adjusting to being gluten-free. She misses a lot of her cereals. I'm trying to get her involved in cooking and planning, and she likes that part--but not enough to try new things.

My apologies to friends on Pinterest as I've been clogging the view with Bento boxes and lunch food ideas. I don't ever think I'll be the mom who creates artful masterpieces, but I do hope to make it fun. I've found a lot of inspiration over at What Lisa Cooks--her lunches are healthy, easy and visually appealing. I love that she has other ideas than classic sandwiches. And really, reading about Japanese versions of Bento has been interesting. I think I'd like to incorporate some of those into my lunches! Serious: rice balls are the new mac and cheese.

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