Monday, August 31, 2015

Open house to the past

Time sure flies. My sister-in-law told me their former, former house was back on the market. She showed me the listing. I think I had favorited it or something because one day I got a notice that there was an open house. We went yesterday.

I was excited to drive up to it. This house was a home base to us for many years.

We celebrated a lot of cookouts there with people we love, watched kids/nieces/nephews growing up there. I got married in that house. I had a baby shower in that house. I couldn't wait to show my kids the room where Shane first kissed me as his wife.


While Shane kept trying to shush my fingers from snapping pictures, I kept on (and would have done more and better if I'd had my camera vs a cell phone!). The kids adored Aunt Connie's former closet--such a great place for hide and seek. And the yard looked nearly the same. Truly, it was like stepping back just yesterday, though it had been ten years.

A lot has happened in ten years. And all those cookouts rang laughter in my heart, and tears in my eyes as I remembered so many loved ones who are no longer living.

home to the best cookouts

"I want to buy that house," each of my girls said at one point.

I fought tears--how desperately I wanted to reach back in time.

"Uncle Jeff and Aunt Connie always have the best cookouts," I said, standing on the patio, remembering.

I took a picture of the kids from upstairs down into the foyer, just like the wedding photographer did of our party in 1999.

so wild to have my kids standing there

Driving home, Shane asked, "What would you miss of our place?" But I misunderstood him.

"Oh, the kitchen!" I started. "The memories we made there. The big sky."

"No, not what do you miss of our old place. But what would you miss of our house now?"

And in just four years, a tumbling list poured out and we all talked about the things we love about our home now. The privacy. The peace. The owls playing in the front yard. Pool splashes. The love of neighbors. Frogs and woodland sounds. The smell of the fireplace in fall. That this is where our kids are growing up.

Lanie added she loves the red gate Shane installed in the split rail fence.

Erin spoke that she loves the frogs.

Time does fly. This summer has given me so much to think on with priorities. And urgency. About complacency, distraction, attitude.


Nora said...

So interesting! Looks like a wonderful time.

Courtney said...

Lots of happy memories there. Really felt like it was just yesterday.