Tuesday, August 25, 2015


It went from a beige and dreary spot (quite cluttered too), to a clean dream. When Erin saw it, she immediately camped out a spot for a cash register because she imagined a play space for her Beanie Boos to go shopping.

"I love the cans!" she said.

Never saw a kid so excited to grab a box of mac and cheese for lunch! I didn't even have to ask.

These pictures are the progress of it.

from mess to marvelous--and gluten free!
When Shane got home last night, I showed him the space.

"I even cleaned my paint splatters off the floor," I told him. I could tell he was looking to make sure I got it all up. (I didn't paint with a drop cloth. Probably not the best choice, but it was an easy clean up.)

"And you put pictures on the shelves," he commented. Because no guy would do that.

When my love language is time together, his is service. This room screams his love to me.

Happy heart.

I'm sure I'll relocate things--even pulled in a step stool for the kids to reach the high shelves. But this is what it looked like yesterday.


Nora said...

It's beautiful!!!

Courtney said...

Thank you! I love, love, love it! I wonder how long it will stay so organized? ;)