Saturday, August 8, 2015


I think lately God has been showing me what's been trying to take first place in my life, at the expense of serving at church, friends for play dates, time/patience with my kids, etc. While the summer was overshadowed by stress and health, it turned out to be a (really) good thing. I had time to evaluate what was putting the most stress on me, and how it was affecting each portion of my life: church, home, family, friends.

This coming school year of schooling Lanie exclusively, a learning curve of gluten free, home/yard, friends, church, co-op--it will definitely be a lesson in boundaries and discipline.

I realized this summer that I'm a pretty good mulitasker, but I have limitations too. Sometimes I get sucked into comparing my life with someone else who appears to be able to juggle what seems to be so much more. But I know our circumstances aren't identical, and they pay a price too. It may be their health. Or their marriage. Or their relationship with their kids. Perhaps they don't know their neighbors, or just go-go-go so much and feel exhausted.

For me, I need peace at home. I want a great relationship with my kids; I want to enjoy them. I want to spend time with my husband--he's my best friend. I like having a (relatively, I mean, come on: we live here, in the woods, with pets) clean house, a tidy yard--because I like how it makes me feel to be here. I like having friends over--and I love it when they don't want to leave. If home is off, everything is off.

Sometimes I think my word for the year should have been balance. Or boundaries.

Lately, I've spent more time with Erin. We read, talk, cuddle. I've taken pictures of her Beanie Boos as she shares creative ideas she wants to implement. When I said yes to her, her response was, "Really?!" She was so excited.

she held the backdrop

it was her idea to put a cloth underneath the toys

This is gold. (I'm so glad I didn't miss this!)

Really looking forward to the school year, despite outside demands ... and because of them. (I just sorta wish summer would stretch a few weeks longer.)

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