Friday, September 18, 2015


At some point in the night, Erin came into our bed because of a nightmare. She's been having them a lot lately, but not always bad enough to get under our covers. I made Shane's lunch and decided that I was going to sleep in today.

Bed feels so good.

It was daylight and after seven, I knew, but just rested and thought about nothing. Erin squirmed next to me.

"Mom, look at the clock. It's 7:45! Aren't you glad this isn't a school day!" because we'd be running crazy late to get out the door.

"Yes," I said for a variety of reasons. "I am glad it's not a school day."


A good friend just got word his cancer has spread to his brain.

We just learned of a dear couple's split.

It has been a very prayerful week.


I can hear the road traffic in the distance.

There's a note at my computer to remind me of a Sunday photo gig.

On my second cup of Vanilla Almond tea. (Not an affiliate link.)

I found a local place that is an exclusive gluten-free restaurant. They have cinnamon rolls.


Monday is day 21.

This past week I got to wear a pair of pants I couldn't even button back in June. They fit comfortably.

Tonight we are having burgers on the grill, wrapped in lettuce instead of buns.

I found really terrific jalapeno mustard at Aldi.


"Can we start school at 9:30, Mom? I want to play for a little bit," Erin asked. Lanie has been at work since after her breakfast.

"Ok," I replied.

I lit the votive to warm the Satsuma oil. Mug in hand, warm tea.


I think about cleaning bathrooms, mopping floors and vacuuming.

I think about opening windows and wonder when I'll start wearing socks around the house.

In my heart, there's a warmth--there's no place like home.

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