Monday, September 21, 2015

And still counting (7531-7570)

beautiful September sunsets
the soul-warming hint of wood smoke from the wood stoves
situations not for our happiness, but our holiness
books on hold at the library
super smart, amazing high school kids

a warm welcome for Lanie
Lisa to take her for studying
and Lily to hang out with her and mentor
Friday math
Irene stickers for a cookie surprise

this life, however splintered
and the good things that come from it
good sleep
friends who pray
her tears, and mine

the guy we met who homeschooled in high school
hands to hold at the table

jalapeno mustard
tea delivery
chats around Lisa's table at dusk
kiddos laughing upstairs so hard their sides hurt
country neighbors

a prayer request from a student
laughter in the classroom
sisters who miss each other
ten-minute snoozes
Bible verses on love

the softness and warmth of a purple blanket
how good sleep feels
how good exercise feels
how good tea is
a Sunday photo gig

friends who are trustworthy
a student on drums during worship
history homework in the sunshine on the bench
a chat with my dad
his seventy-nine years

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