Monday, September 28, 2015

And still counting (7571-7617)

Erin's cuddles after a well-done in piano
chilly mornings
warm afternoons
a quick snooze in the afternoon
a waggy dog

the wine fridge
my dad's safe return home from the hospital
friends who pray
chats with him by phone
one more day

customer support
updated equipment
orange ginger mint tea
childhood memories of Bay Ridge

a great day in Great Books
Lanie in the class
their warm welcome and applause for her
that she wants to come back to my class again
a really good group of kids

for the situations that called "eat the cookie"
and the strength to withstand eating the cookie
my dentist
a Friday, just us
a celebration for Anita
David and me

Anita--75 years

her influence and example
her love
Lisa's help in the journey
morning face time with Julie
a good Bible study together

mums for sale to gift away
her love of math
fun times with the kiddos
an October calendar filling up with smiles
that I get to be the photographer

an easy swap for a door
camera 2
weight, lost
our dog, and her three years here
a sunny patch on the bench

creamer in the fridge
Erin's gift-giving heart
that man of mine

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