Sunday, September 6, 2015


Yeah, a lot of this summer was unpredictable. We had one set of plans. We followed a completely different set. It worked out for the best: healthy kids, home perspective, and gratitude found richly in the midst.

When Erin asked me, "Remember when we went to (this place) and you got me a Beenie Boo?"

I couldn't remember. And then I started to think about how this summer was one big blur of books.

I asked Shane if he thought we could get away for one day. He said yes.

We packed up for a trip to a family favorite. The day went fast. The kids enjoyed some favorite rides. We picnicked. We went out for dinner to a favorite--though this time as a gluten-free family.

Lanie and I stealth-purchased a Beenie Boo for Erin while she rode (what I call) the sky nightmare down to the entrance. Below: a squishy family selfie; Erin; Lanie and Shane; Erin and me; Erin on a horse; Lanie; Lanie and I hiding the Beenie Boo from Erin as they rode the sky nightmare; the slides (I didn't go on those this year. I'm really ok with that.).

It was a quick getaway.

Now I'm back to recurring co-op classroom nightmares. Shane had a nightmare of his own last night.

"I think I would have had a better time in your nightmare," I told him, and we laughed.

I start teaching high school on Wednesday. And like this summer, I had my plans (for the school year) and plans got changed (Lanie not going back; questions about community; a heftier workload and the runaround). Finding hope in the anticipation of gratitude rich in the midst of this.

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